Cargo Services

Picture of Cargo ServicesAir, land or sea shipping services needed? NR International Cargo is what you are looking for. Along with our cargo services, we have diverse business partnerships that allow us to reach any US territory and every main transport route in the world. To ensure the satisfaction of all clients under our service, we have the necessary licensing to offer guidance and customs validation in the United States. Our cargo services' main value is liability and safety in our import and export services, and it stems from the efficiency, punctuality, and safety of our shipments. Whatever type of cargo you want to send, we will make sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently.

Our cargo services cover different options and methods for heavy machinery transports. For every kind of industrial and commercial equipment, we have the experience needed to transport any equipment across any possible distance. Also, with our cargo services, you'll have many solutions that will facilitate air cargo shipments to any destination on the globe. With our sea freight service, you can consolidate, legitimize, import, and export a wide range of cargo.

Fastest Cargo Services in USA

When sending cargo to a destination that cannot be reached by other methods, our cargo services serve your shipping needs in the United States via land. Your cargo can be efficiently transported by land, whether if it's from any US port to a storage facility, or from any part of the US to the nearest port or holding facility to be exported. NR International Cargo offers the best and fastest cargo services in the US. Best of all, with the benefits of all the necessary licensing needed for the proper transport of cargo through customs control checkpoints, we can guarantee that all of your merchandise will arrive safely at its destination.

If you have any questions about our cargo services, call us at (305) 468-0002 or visit us in our office: 6995 NW 82nd Ave N #34 Miami, FL 33166. We would be happy to help.